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© Tantra spiritual fitness con Daniella
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© Tantra spiritual fitness con Daniella
"Thank you Daniella, thank you for your courses, thank you for your sessions and advice, thank you for sharing so closely your knowledge and journey in sacred Tantra and its ancient practices, inevitable and essential in my opinion, if we want a complete development of a new humanity.

From the classes I highlight your accuracy in the approach, as well as the multiple resources and a lot of humor that lead the therapy towards the best results, the mix between the pleasure of the senses and the cultivation of consciousness.

Thanks also to you Andreu, for knowing how to compensate so well. I liked your natural way of conducting group dynamics as well as your commitment to people.

Finally, thank you for taking the best and most intimate memory of each of my classmates. To which more awake and bright!! With much love I hope very soon to repeat the experience. See you soon family"


"The cycle of conscious breathing has been very liberating in my therapeutic process and personal growth. I had been attending different therapies and self-knowledge courses for years and I thought that this breathing would not bring me much new. However, from the first session I felt amazing opening and release. 

My body was filled with life, the tensions loosened and I experienced a new state of relaxation for me. The oxygen and the accompaniment of Daniella helped me release old wounds and emotions that were trapped in my body and mind. Literally notice how they dissolved with each breath.

The result was that I have achieved more openness, amplitude and awareness in my chest area, I notice that my heart and lungs have more space and work better, as if the sadness and pain that I kept there had dissolved. Now I can see life with different eyes, with more joy, curiosity and enthusiasm, as if I had just been reborn.

Thank you Daniella for joining me in this beautiful and healing process."


"These workshops are going to seem incredible. Daniella is going to arrive in many ways, and the philosophy of tantra is going to hook her from the beginning. I have put her into practice with some of the proposed exercises, with the 20 connections and some energy code. I think they are some very powerful workshops, with each one of them going through their own process and discovering it the other way... The proposed activities/dynamics are opportunities to observe yourself in different situations and I think they won't leave anyone indifferent. "

"I would highlight Daniella's great work and her great love for us.  I have learned to connect with myself from the breath and relate better to other people and the importance of letting oneself feel and flow with the present moment."

"I loved this workshop and dealing with taboo topics in such an open way. I think it's a very interesting topic to work both days and that all of us who have transmitted it can help a lot when it comes to having a healthy couple. "

"I loved it. I loved Daniella, I loved the workshop, I loved the feelings, I loved the connection with my classmates, I loved everything. I enjoyed it soooo much and I think it strengthened us a lot as a group as well as showing me a lot of myself. Self-knowledge in its purest form."
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