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Sexual healing


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Sexual healing is reconnecting with our energy from innocence and love.

Knowing our sexual/vital energy and how it moves through our body and through the different energy points, in addition to the functioning and importance of our breathing and thoughts, are the basis for living a full sexuality.

Sexual healing is a direct means of self-observation and liberation.

By learning to awaken, move, move and distribute our sexual energy, we can access higher levels of pleasure, both physical and spiritual.

In this 2-hour session you will receive different energy modulation tools to apply in life. Throughout the sessions of the therapeutic cycle we carry out dynamics for some of the most present inhibitors of happiness, through spiritual psychology. 

After tantric rituals of eroticization, cleaning and harmonization, you receive the tantric massage (which changes in its form through the sessions) and the activation of the sacred area and points, for men 5 and for women 6, including the G point.


- Learn to raise, move and distribute your vital energy, through different breaths / pranayamas and energy activation exercises, which allows you to start in the techniques of ejaculation and erection control as well as the management of sexual energy in a conscious way .

- Recognize the sacred points (including the G-spot)

- Expand and release the sexual energy or Kundalini (reconnect with our multi-orgasmic Being)

- Unlock both physically, energetically and emotionally.

- Connect with the vibration of love within ourselves.

Approximately 10 sessions are recommended to complete the therapeutic cycle.

You can receive the sessions of Daniella Bhakti, the collaborators or her students. 

For more info or reservations, get in touch.

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