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About me


Daniella Bhakti

Hello traveling partners. I tell you something about me.


I grew up in an environment where one spoke and lived in communion with the mystical and esoteric, so from a very young age I became interested in things that cannot be seen, through the world of dreams and imagination I expanded my mind and heart , the result was a "charm" for the cinema, so, as a teenager, I began to be interested in transpersonal psychology, mainly CG Jung. The proximity of the Tarot and the esoteric in my life through my mother, also allowed me to delve into these paths of self-knowledge.


Later at university, I studied Graphic Design for a year, then I graduated in Audiovisual Communication with a mention in Film and Television Direction, in Santiago, Chile. During university I was also interested in Angeology, loving energies that to this day I like to have around me.

In 2005 I came to Barcelona and did a Master in Psychocreativity at the UAB. More than 10 years ago I began to recognize the Dakini that slept in me and in 2009 I trained in Madrid and Barcelona as a Tantric Masotherapist and Therapist with Anand Rudra. Since then, I flow with my Tantric flight, creating in early 2010 a space for Tantra in Barcelona, ​​which took shape in "Kamala Tantra" that worked until 2017 and in early 2019 I offer "Tantra spiritual fitness" a space created to carry the Tantric practice to all areas of society.


For several years I have participated in Daniel Odier's workshops. Receiving the transmission of Maha Mudra in 2019

Inevitably and wonderfully Tantra brought Rebirthing by the hand ... all rebirths or people who have breathed know ... breathing is life.
I trained in Rebirthing Breathwork in 2011 with Fanny Van Leare and Irene Jové and I received the initiation in Babaji's Kriya Yoga in 2013 from the acharya Mirabai.

Teacher of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality at The Akademy Sabadell from its beginning to the present day.


Collaborator in the Petit Hollywood Association.

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