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Tantra for women I Woman  


Do you feel that the relationships of your past are a shadow in your present and do not allow yourself to build new relationships? 


Do you repeat patterns in your life and always attract the same type of man? 


Do you feel so disappointed or hurt that you prefer to stay in your cave and not open yourself to love again? 


Do you not know how to connect with your femininity or with your sexual energy? 

Do you want to help your immune and energy system to heal your body from fibroids, cysts or painful periods?  

Do you want to empower yourself and be a free woman? 

Do you want to experience orgasms and feel joy and pleasure in your body? 

This course invites you on a journey towards your empowerment as a woman, to bring to light the Goddess that you are. 



This course is developed in 3 modules of 4 classes each. Each class lasts 2 hours, of which you can participate live (each edition) and share your experience and ask questions, or access the recorded classes whenever you want. In addition, you will receive written material from each class to deepen. The classes are developed with theory, exercises, practices and sharing what has been experienced.  

At the end of each edition you can join the Yo mujer 3-day Retreat and share in sorority from your authenticity.  



Module 1: Hi, I'm your shadow.In this module we will visit the dark side of the moon, your fears, your wounds, your patterns, and we will learn tools to navigate and heal them.  

Class 1: Personal lie. In this class we will discover the most painful limiting belief we have about ourselves, its ramifications and how it affects our lives, as well as practices to heal it. 

Class 2: The repression of the feminine. We will explore our identity and what aspects of it have been repressed, generating a certain image in us and a consequent self-esteem. 

Class 3: Relationships. Learning to identify toxic relationships so as not to repeat the pattern and heal the memories that they have left in you, is what we will go through in this class. 

Class 4: Guilt and victim consciousness. Guilt is the most destructive negative emotion. In this class we will see techniques to heal it and free ourselves from the different levels of victim consciousness.  


Module 2: Blessed Goddess.Knowing and enhancing your qualities will allow you to rebuild your Universe as a woman. We will do it through the 4 archetypes of the Goddess 

Class 1: Uma. The maiden and your crescent moon 

Class 2: Parvati. The mother and your full moon 

Class 3: Durga. The shaman and your waning moon 

Class 4: Kali. The old woman and your new moon.  


Module 3: Ecstatic Shakti.Enjoying the orgasmic woman that you are is just the beginning. Expanding the orgasm to your whole body and making your whole being vibrate in ecstasy is the key to your empowerment and freedom. In this module we will integrate the 4 keys of Tantra through different practices. 

Class 1: Breathing. In this class we will discuss our beliefs regarding sexuality and learn about our energetic/sexual anatomy. We will practice breathing as a vehicle for our Kundalini energy. 

Class 2: Sound. Releasing tension to create more space in the body for energy to expand is what sound allows. Orgasmic Yoga Practice. 

Class 3: Spontaneous movement. Through Shakti Dance we will allow the Kundalini energy to manifest throughout our body 

Class 4: Presence. We will inhabit our body in the here and now to increase our ability to feel. Breast massage practice and the 3 portals to ecstasy: Clitoris, G-Spot and Cervix.  



  • Module 1 MARCH: Monday 7, 14, twenty-one y 28

  • Module 2 APRIL: Monday 4, eleven, 18 y 25

  • Module 3 MAY: Monday 2, 9, 16 y 23

  • Withdrawal: JUNE: 10 to 12 


  • Online: 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Chile. 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Spain 



Course: payment module by module €150 / Full payment €110 

Withdrawal: €260     


Registrations:       _cc781905-5cde-bb3cf58-315bad94-3b15         

Daniella Bhakti  

 +34 653 54 34 14     

Curso de Ritualismo

afiche ritualismo.png

El ritual es una acción ceremonial de carácter simbólico o representativo.


Hay muchos tipos de rituales de acuerdo a la tradición de la que provengan.... rituales de apertura, de protección, de invocación, ritos de paso, de limpieza, de honra, rituales de armonización y erotización, de protección y entrega, en seco y/o en agua, rituales o ceremonias a la luz, pujas, etc...Pero lo que tienen todos en común es la presencia y la sacralización de la energía que depositamos en lo que hacemos.


Todo Ritual, puede incorporar una técnica o un dogma, pero lo que le hace tener ese poder, es la presencia, devoción y el amor puestos en ello, así como el alinearnos con lo divino dentro de nosotros haciendo que sea escuchado y “recibido” por aquello qu es más grande que nosotros: los elementos, la naturaleza, los ángeles, maestros ascendidos, arquetipos, lo divino.


Por eso, si realizamos algo en totalidad, lo estaremos Ritualizando, desde lavar los platos, pasear, comer o hacer el amor.

Primer encuentro

  • Consagración de espacios: El templo sagrado.

  • La mente como antena de concentración de energía.

  • Simbología, arquetipos y elementos I

Segundo encuentro

  • Pranayama como vehículo de la energía.

  • La danza de la Dakini: Kaula

  • Rituales de iniciación a la sanación sexual/masaje tántrico.

  • Transformar la realidad a través de la focalización.

Tercer encuentro

  • Transfiguración

  • Apertura y cierre de círculos angélicos y elementales.

  • Cómo crear tus propios rituales

  • Iniciación a la magia sexual de Isis y a las Alquimias de Horus.



Tantra Kriya Yoga  

ATKY afiche.png
Every Wednesday from January 26. Sign up for classes in advance, limited capacity.

Hours: Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Price: €35 Month

Laikka Yorch

Masoterapeuta tántrico y Daka. Facilitador de Tantra Kriya Yoga.

Post grado en medicina Ayurveda, diplomado en masaje marma, dietética y nutrición Ayurveda. Acompañando a personas de manera holistica hace más de 6 años. Facilitador de Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga.

Daniella Bhakti

Facilitadira de Tantra y Dakini desde hace 17 años Directora de Tantra Spiritual Fitness y de la Escuela Tantra Alchemy a path to immortality. Iniciada al Kriya Yoga de Babaji, al Tandava y facilitadora de Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. Renacedora.


Oskar Nomad

Masoterapeuta tántrico y Daka. Facilitador de Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. Practicando y compartiendo Tantra desde hace más de 6 años.

Tantra LAB 

We will meet 2 Thursdays a month to explore the different tantric tools. Sign up for classes in advance, limited capacity.

Hours:  2 Thursday a month from February 3 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Price: €15 session
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