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Make time and space disappear in the heart of Barcelona and immerse yourself in pleasure inside your body.



This is an invitation to couples to celebrate a special moment or to make any moment something special, to reconnect through an intimate and magical moment.

gong hot tub

A Gong bath is a deep immersion of sound that penetrates the water of the body and removes its structure as if a large rock were dropped into a pond. Its sounds mobilize all the sediment at the bottom of our body and restore harmony. Its vibration travels through our cells purifying ailments, emotions and thoughts.  


Rituals of facial and body peeling, wrapping, massage and hydromassage, created to exfoliate, hydrate, renew and firm the skin, combined with a relaxing or decontracting facial, back massage and jacuzzi, to release tension and stress from day to day and achieve energetic, physical and mental balance.

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