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Rebirth / Rebirthing

Breathing in a conscious and connected way (energetic breathing) helps us unblock the respiratory system, breathe energy (prana) and not just air, and heal the inhibitors of happiness:


1.birth trauma: everything we experience in our preconception, conception, gestation and first years of life, such as events and emotions, are recorded in our cellular memory to be reproduced every time we undertake a new project (relationship, work, etc.), since having born is our first company achieved.

two.personal lie: This is the deepest negative belief (limiting belief) that you have about yourself and that affects all levels of life.

3.The unconscious death drive: It is a self-destructive tendency, which we express through thoughts, beliefs, actions, emotions, that threaten life, success and abundance.

Four.Parental disapproval syndrome: The way we relate to our parents is the way we learn to relate to others. Not knowing how to obtain the energy of our own breathing, we do it through our relationships, generating toxic behavior patterns and codependency.

5.past lives ortree genealogical: We are all connected and through this system what has affected our ancestors can affect us and in this way we repeat patterns until we learn from it and cut the chains. trauma: The education system perpetuates the disconnection to our creativity and the connection with the infinite source of wisdom with which we are born.

7.The trauma of religion: Religion has distorted the sense of spirituality, distancing us from our own divinity and implanting guilt, judgment, punishment in our feelings and lives.

8.senility: senility can occur at any stage of our life. It has to do with processes in which we cannot fend for ourselves, physically or psychically. We replay some childhood trauma, a stage in which we need to be attended to.

9.The repression of the feminine: For thousands of years we have lived in a patriarchal society which has devalued the qualities of the feminine, both in men and women, such as vulnerability, sensuality, intuition, creativity, etc. this is probably the source of many of the other happiness inhibitors.

10.The exacerbated masculine or the syndrome of the savior of the world: Being disconnected from our own nature and self-esteem, we live outwards, seeking to justify our worth through solving the lives and problems of others, being the heroes.

eleven.Trauma from physical or sexual abuse: An overwhelming number of people have gone through this trauma that, if not treated, can generate both addictive behaviors and dissociations of all kinds so as not to feel the suffering that this trauma generates.

12.Food as an inhibitor: In this consumer society, food is another source to disconnect from what we really feel. We eat much more than we need, in addition to consuming mostly processed foods with very little real nutritional value. Our way of eating causes many of today's diseases.

13.fear of strangers: This happiness inhibitor is related to the way in which we were touched by the obstetrician at birth, often unloving, this leads to distrust of people who are different from us, of another race, culture, religion, etc.

14.Lack of participation in political and community life: Our political representatives very rarely reflect our real needs, which makes us live in dissatisfied and unhappy societies.

fifteen.emotional energy pollution: This is one of the main causes of death of the human being and has to do with the energy of people and our environment, which affects us even if we are not aware of it.

Learning to move the energy in your body will allow you to re-establish a high vibrational energy frequency and release emotions encapsulated in the body's cellular memory. 

Breathing well is living better, just as you breathe you live, live fully!

The sessions last approximately 2 hours, 1 per week and the therapeutic cycle consists of 10 to 13 sessions.

For reservations or more information about the sessions, contact 653 54 34 14 or Daniella Bhakti's email

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