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Annual training
Spain / Chile

Do you want to manifest your vision, express your truth and make it come to life?
Do you want to live a more joyful and pleasant life?
Would you like to know your sexuality in depth, experience multiple orgasms and increase your pleasure?

Tantra, among other things, is a beautiful way of living life, sometimes more thorny, sometimes more velvety.

Remember the art of enchanting life and transforming the toxicity of the mind through the different Tantric tools.

Live in Tantra now.
What motivates or causes me to live? What are we?  Tantra offers you a mystical, initiatory and devotional path, but also a science of profound transformation, reconnection with our true essence and expansion of consciousness.

In this retreat you will be able to experience moments of deep connection with yourself and with others, you will have the opportunity to face your ego and your shadow to transcend them, you will live, naturally, altered states of consciousness to bring the information available to you, you will enjoy of moments of peace, stillness, love and inner silence.



















What will we learn through practice in this training?

- History and concepts of Tantra.
- Different forms of Tantra Massage and Sexual Healing.
- Basic energetic anatomy and sexual anatomy.
- Introduction to Tantra Kriya Yoga and Babaji`sKriya Yoga.
- Techniques of awareness and amplification of energy.
- Rituals and tantric games.
- Techniques of physical and energy manipulation.
- Ejaculatory control techniques and energy redistribution.
- Body reflex points for energy rebalancing.
- Reflex points of treatment of physical pathologies or psycho-emotional conflicts related to sexuality.
- Techniques for inducing multiorgasmia (male and female) by G sacred point
- Healing of the Sacred Points (6 female and 5 male)
- Techniques of energy distribution and transmutation.

- Bases of Tibetan Tantra.
- The sexual healer, the witch, the Shaman (Daka or Dakini) and the tantrika consciousness.
- Evolutionary tools of Tantra: Meditation, Yantras, Mantras, Pujas and Aarti

- Theoretical bases of sexual healing and its effects, from transpersonal psychology and different therapeutic disciplines such as Rebirthing and vibrational medicines.
- Tools for the integration of the experience of sexual healing and the personal therapeutic process involved in this training.

* All the massage and sexual healing practices, guided and not, of this training, are carried out in the Temple under the presence of Daniella Bhakti and the previous live demonstration of the same.




Dates 2020 Spain

This year, due to the situation of the covid 19, the training will be carried out intensively in 2 retreats:
- Summer retreat from August 18 to 31. Catalonia. Spain
- December withdrawal, in the same way as specified below


Location: Can Rocosa is a 17th century country house, fully restored with the original structure and materials. Located at the foot of Montnegre. Care and loving space, to which its owner dedicates herself with love.


Food: We will enjoy the delicacies of Catering Drölma. In charge of Yasmina.drolma, Naturopath specialized in vegetarian cuisine. Diet ovolacteovegetariana, proximity, seasonal and largely organic. With varied, balanced, healthy, energetic and tasty menus. A loving and detailed kitchen, with menus that adapt to the needs of the retreat so that you can enjoy it 100%.


Price: This annual training is offered for a value of € 1,840. However, due to the special situation we are experiencing, I offer it to you at a price of € 1,200 including accommodation, food and manual. Also for registrations prior to June 15 you have a 10% discount
Payment Methods:
1. You can make your registration of € 300 and the rest the first day of Retirement
2. You can pay in 4 payments of € 310 (June, July, August and September)

The following dates and prices have been modified due to the situation Covid 19.

April 18 and 19:

Initiation to Tantra. Sexual healing, conscious breathing and spiritual psychology I.

May 16 and 17:

Basic energy anatomy. Conscious breathing and spiritual psychology II.

June 13 and 14:

Conscious breathing and spiritual psychology III.

Introduction to tantric massage therapy (IMT), module 1: back and glutes.


July 11 and 12:

Conscious breathing and spiritual psychology IV.

IMT, module 2: legs, arms, head and chest.

August 1 to 8:

Tantra Retreat

IMT Sexual Healing II and III, module 3: Lingam / Yoni sacred areas and sacred points (including G Point).

* Withdrawal available for people who have completed the June and / or July modules or the complete training.

September 12 and 13:

Sexual healing IV.

* Course available only for people who have completed the June, July and August modules or the complete training.

October 10 and 11:

Conscious breathing and spiritual psychology V

November 7 and 8:

Sexual Healing V

* Course available only for people who have completed the June, July and August modules or the complete training.


December 3 to 6:

Retreat of sexual healing and purification with the elements.




For 4 days we will delve into the healing qualities of each element, air, water, fire and earth, combining purification Sadhana with sexual healing sessions.

In this residential workshop we will experience advanced practices, we will experience complete sessions of circular energy breathing, spaces for fasting and silence, gathered in an environment where we can enjoy energy in its most subtle forms.


- Mantra Yoga and Creative Thought

- Energetic and circular breathing

- Purification by fire

- Bathtubs and underwater breathing

- fast

- Meditation

-Tantra Kriya Yoga

- Sexual healing

- Tantric Rituals


€ 380 (inc. Accommodation, meals) registration before November 25.

€ 450 (inc. Accommodation, meals) subsequent registrations.

700 € 2 people.

Throughout this trip we will also cover tools such as the different forms of meditation, Yoga and mantra chanting.

To complete your training you have the possibility to do 10 paid internships.


€ 160 month. 720 € August Retreat. € 450 December Retreat. 10% discount if you register before 2 weeks of each module.

This training includes a manual, snacks at the monthly meetings, accommodation and meals at the retreat.


Monthly non-residential meetings are held in the Tantra Spiritual Fitness space at street Aribau 124 Barcelona.

The place of retreats and training in Chile will be communicated each year.

Directed to

This training is aimed at anyone interested in Tantra, either as a means of self-discovery, personal evolution, healing or as a therapeutic tool for others, without the need for prior knowledge on the subject.

Therapists, Doctors, Psychologists, Doulas, Yogis, Meditators, Nurses, to all the people who work and are in contact with the Self and want to contribute to its development process.

To register for this training, a telephone or personal interview with Daniella Bhakti is necessary.

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Immortality Alchemy del Aire

La especialización en el Aire abarca tres áreas de estudio: Pranayama (la respiración como vehículo de la energía), Mente Creativa (el poder del pensamiento creativo y la sanación de los inhibidores de la felicidad) y Visualizaciones y Meditaciones (Métodos de los distintos linajes y escuelas del Tantra para purificar la mente).


23 y 24 de Septiembre (2023) Guion natal. Trauma del nacimiento y niñ@ interno. Ciclo de respiración

21 y 22 de Octubre (2023) Mentira personal. Ciclo de respiración

18 y 19 de Noviembre (2023) Síndrome de desaprobación parental. Ciclo de respiración

20 y 21 de Enero (2024) Masculino exacerbado y represión de lo femenino. Ciclo de respiración

17 y 18 de Febrero (2024) Trauma de la religión y de la escuela. Ciclo de respiración

16 y 17 de Marzo (2024) Aplicaciones terapéuticas de la respiración como vehículo de la energía y del pensamiento para sanar los inhibidores de la felicidad. Terapia Tántrica

6 y 7 de Abril (2024) Meditación. (Meditaciones activas de Osho. Kriya Yoga de Babaji)

4 y 5 de Mayo (2024) Visualizaciones Kaula Tantra (Tantra tradicional)


180€/fin de semana

simbolos elementos.jpg

Immortality Alchemy del Agua

Bucear en el agua te ofrece tanta profundidad como fluya para ti. Nos adentraremos en el Yoga de las Emociones y la Sexualidad Sagrada, Tantra para parejas.


20 y 21 de Abril (2024) Yoga de las emociones

18 y 19 de Mayo (2024) Re conociéndonos. Tantra para parejas

22 y 23 de Junio (2024) Incorporando al femenino y masculino sagrado. Tantra para parejas

20 y 21 de Julio (2024) La pareja sagrada. Tantra para parejas

16, 17 y 18 de Agosto (2024) Sexualidad sagrada. Retiro de Tantra para parejas, La Unión. (Para participar de este retiro has de haber realizado alguno de los encuentros no residenciales). 


210€/fin de semana/pareja


simbolos elementos.jpg

Immortality Alchemy de la Tierra

Los estudios de la Tierra nos llevan a practicar la espiritualización del cuerpo físico a través del Tacto consciente, el Masaje Tántrico y la Cura Sexual. Caminaremos también la práctica del Ancestral Tantra Kriya Yoga y aprenderemos a manifestar nuestra prosperidad. Desde el Ayurveda y de la mano del facilitador Laikka Yorch, también recibiremos iniciaciacón al Masaje Marma, la medicación de aceites y la nutrición. 

Profundizaremos en la sanación del punto sagrado masculino (comúnmente conocido como punto G) en la especialización Prostatic Portal junto a los facilitadores Daneses Amosoma y Asim Sacred Fire)


10 y 11 de Febrero (2024) Toque consciente, toque sanador, toque tántrico

9 y 10 de Marzo (2024) Masaje tántrico y Sanación sexual

6 y 7 de Abril (2024) Masaje tántrico y Sanación sexual 

4 y 5 de Mayo (2024) Masaje Lingam Yoni y Punto sagrado (Para participar es necesario haber hecho los módulos de sanación sexual o el módulo de Toque consciente)

1 y 2  de Junio (2023) Prácticas 

5 al 12 de Agosto Retiro Orgasmic Spirit (2023) (Puedes hacer los módulos no residenciales en Barcelona)

Fechas a definir Prostatic Portal de la mano de Amosoma y Asim Sacred Fire

Fechas a definir Masaje Marma

Fechas a definir Medicación de aceites

Fechas a definir Nutrición Ayurveda


180€/fin de semana

Retiro 800€

Immortality Alchemy del Fuego

La alquimia del Fuego comienza con los fuegos del cuerpo, del microcosmos y al purificar la voluntad y refinar la percepción, activamos el sagrado corazón, conectado al corazón de Shiva.


4 al 8 de Diciembre Retiro Tantra y purificación con los Elementos


Retiro 500€

elementos mas estrella.jpg

Immortality Alchemy del Eter 

Estamos aquí por una razón, el Amor. Practicar el amor es esencial par nuestra experiencia como seres humanos. Pondremos luz a las relaciones de codependencia para entrenarnos en el camino del corazón libre


Fechas a definir La práctica del Amor

Fechas a definir Coodependencia


180€/La práctica del Amor


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