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Room rental

Tantra spiritual fitness   is a space, in the center of Barcelona, that was born with the purpose of sharing the tantric experience with more people, opening a space for healing, expansion of consciousness and liberation.

140m2 made with love. Catalan vault ceilings, Panot flower floors, stone walls and for the workshop/training room, a special floor made of the best virgin rubber on the market, with elastic properties that reduce joint injuries and with the benefits of the «Energy Return», a new technology that reduces fatigue caused by movement.


4 rental rooms:

Room 1: 6m2, reclining sofa, electric fireplace with different color options. Recommended for Coaching sessions, Past Life Therapy, Psychology, etc.

Price: €10/h and €60/day


Room 2: 8m2, stretcher.

Recommended for Massage, Reiki, Gemotherapy, etc.

Price: €12/h and €75/day


room 3: 17m2, 180cm x 200cm futon, 120cm x 180cm hydromassage bathtub, with 22 water and air jets, and chromotherapy.

Recommended for sessions of sexual healing / tantric massage, Rebirthing, etc.

Price: €20/h and €30/h for Bath.


Room 4: 32m2, 10 mats, 12 mats, 20 zafus, blankets, Pavigym Motion floor, dimmable lights for warm or cold color temperature and also for high and low light intensity.

Capacity 12 people lying down, 24 to 34 people sitting.

Price: €20/h, €120/day and €220/2 days.


See you at Calle Aribau 124, very close to the Hospital Clinic metro, Renfe and Ferrocarriles.

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