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Gestalt therapy

The GESTALT PSYCHOTHERAPY session can help you if you are looking for support and accompaniment to face complicated situations, personal or couple crises, manage anger, rage, anxiety, overcome breakups or losses and heal childhood wounds.

Together we investigate the problems that afflict you and explore solutions to improve the relationship with yourself, the environment, family or work. In the same way that the gym offers results, psychotherapeutic tools can be very useful to improve your emotional stability and quality of life.



A session  of Personal Consultation lasts around 60 minutes. At this time you can express the issue you currently need to work on in your life. It can be a relational conflict, vital, emotional or professional crisis. Repetitive patterns that you find difficult to change or physical or emotional blocks. In the session we explore the matter contemplating different forms of approach for its solution.


Psychotherapy allows you to improve your quality of life and recover your personal balance. It teaches you methods to deal with discomfort, worries and emotional states that do not allow you to move forward in your life. I offer you my respectful accompaniment in processes of emotional discomfort, sadness, discouragement, personal dissatisfaction, a feeling of emptiness, depression, stress, anxiety, phobias, fear or insecurity.

If you are going through a complicated situation, try a Personal Consultation. We can frame the issue and establish a work strategy. Face-to-face and online sessions.

Schedule session with Andreu Bioentreno at 639 075 993

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