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body therapies


Comprehensive massage, kneading with oil throughout the body, which induces states of deep relaxation. Reduces insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. Improves respiratory capacity.

Massage indicated for people with a lot of responsibility overload, work, tensions and busy life.

It was created in California in the sixties as a compilation and integration of updated Eastern techniques to Western culture.

It is a sensitive massage with smooth and harmonic movements that release blocked energies. Perform gentle stretching, rocking and rhythmic movements, joint mobilizations and work on deep muscle tissue. Activates and recovers muscle elasticity. Dispel signs of tension.





Traditional Chinese massage based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a deep massage that orders the functioning of the organs. Helps relieve blockages and chronic pain. Balances the immune, circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems by increasing the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. The body improves its natural vitality by acquiring more performance, mobility.

The Chi Nai Tsang Massage is a gentle abdominal massage accompanied by deep breathing. Balances and releases tension in the internal organs and eliminates toxins, helping to restore natural health and the proper functioning of the body.


This style of bodywork is like someone else's induced yoga that stretches you and positions your body to snap back into place.

It is ideal for relaxing muscles and relieving tension. Also for people subjected to many hours in static postures or who need to reactivate the body for long periods of rest. It improves posture by stretching the muscles and mobilizing the spine in its four movements. It tones the nervous system. Activates the lymphatic system. Increases the flexibility of the muscles, strengthens the ligaments and tendons. Avoiding musculoskeletal injuries. Improves blood flow. Regulates moods, harmonizing the connection between body, mind and emotion. Strengthens the immune system.



The Sexual Healing session is aimed at unlocking and expanding your capacity for enjoyment, sexual expansion and G-spot orgasm.

You will learn new ways to relate to your arousal, your orgasm and your emotions through body and breathing techniques.

It is a practical sexual pedagogy that will give you tools to improve the intimate relationship with yourself and with your partner.

Tantric massage is a sensual, sensitive and meditative experience that distributes sexual energy throughout all cells, making your body recover vitality, ecstasy and joy.

Tantric massage is not a sexual service. In no case does it include masturbation.

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